Merge or delete team accounts?


I was invited to a team, but once I completed the signup procedure, I’m the only person on the team and I can’t find any way to fix this. Clicking the “accept invitation” button again just goes to the dashboard without changing anything, and trying to leave the otherwise-empty team tells me Error leaving account: The last administrator cannot be removed.


There is a known bug that our team discovered this afternoon and is actively working on as we speak that is preventing the ‘accept invitation’ button from driving traffic to the proper location. Once you click the “accept invitation” button, you should have automatically been provisioned access to the Team account. Instead, it has been directing people to the ‘Apply’ page.

Please hold tight for a little while as we work to resolve this. We can make sure you are added to the proper account once we are past this irregularity.


Hey @ben_lubar

What account did you end up applying with, related to this topic?

We have implemented a fix, but now need to remove your current account so that you can be added to your company’s organization account.


I’m on @BenLubar and should be on the team owned by @xas7wcrg9e.


Thank you for providing this information.

I will work with the team to address this.


I can’t find anything resembling a team id, but one of the app ids within the team is 6268535 (The Daily WTF) if it helps for confirmation if required.


Unfortunately, we do not have a solution in place to free up @BenLubar from the existing account so that you can add this account to the team account. I understand that this is a major inconvenience and apologize for the situation. We have resolved the bug that contributed to this situation in the first place.

Our team is going to continue working on a solution for this situation, but in the meantime, the best path forward is for you to create a new @handle and invite that handle to the team account. When you receive the email inviting you to the team account, the ‘Accept invitation’ button will automatically provide you access to that team account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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