Mentions not shown despite following the account


I’m following a specific account (@FlyBHX) and I know they have mentioned me (here for example: however I don’t get a notification nor does it show as a mention.

Initially I thought this was due to my Quality filter setting (despite following the account) but I’ve tried the setting both off and on and no joy. Is there another setting that is at play here?


I’m having the exact same issue and scouring the internet does no good - I even have another issue for this published. Did you figure out how to fix this?


I’m having the exact problem with post
Mentions not shown


To the best of my knowledge this is known as a “null casted” tweet.

For more details: How does Westworld prevent their mentions from showing up in their Tweets & Replies tab?


I’ve been seeing a lot of issues regarding people not seeing certain mentions and stuff alike. It could have something to do with the new behavior system, but don’t quote me on that.

I believe nullcasted Tweets are not involved in this particular situation because if you go to @FlyBHX and view the replies, you can see that each reply is on the public timeline.

Definitely a weird issue though :man_shrugging: