Mentions from one specific user not showing up in our sitestream



We noticed that at least 21 tweets from 1 user are not coming into our sitestream.
We became aware of this because we received replies to those 21 tweets, alerting us from missing the content.

Update: Those tweets should have entered our searchstream as well but they didn’t.

The last couple of days we have been receiving a lot of these errors in our sitestream:
Error adding users to stream: Error: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found, API message: cannot locate stream

Who can help us figure out what is going on?
We can provide you with details via email.

Thanks in advance!



Do you guys have an update on this or is anyone looking into it?




Thank you for reporting these issues. As you may know, Site Streams is a beta product, and thus we’re always working to improve it.

Can you please provide me with more information (e.g., the username that’s missing from the stream)?

As for the 404 error that you’re receiving, is that using Control Streams? If so, are you making sure to use the updated endpoint URL if your application disconnects and then reconnects?