Mentions as Guest Authentication Error?



Hello, im requesting to mentions timeline and it is not working at all.
Im not having any error but the application it is not listing all mentions.
If I compare tweetdeck with my application there are many that are not being listed.
Im using android studio.
I can provide code if its necessary.
Maybe it is a limitation (dont know how does it works because I read some mentions from 1 person and for the same person ignores some tweets)
Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english


Can you share which of the following timelines you’re using?

Are you getting some results or none at all?



Yes sorry, I am using SearchTimeLine


Thanks @OutplayedGG, are you using Fabric for this? By default: only 20 mentions are returned by default when using that API call and the Twitter search timeline searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days so you may not get all the data you’d see on the client. More info on the search API here:


The problem is that there are some recent tweets that are not being listed


What’s your specific search term? If you read the documentation for the Search API, you’ll see that it doesn’t necessarily index all Tweets, for a variety of reasons including relevance, age of user account (brand new accounts may not instantly be indexed), etc. Apologies if we do not make this clear enough in the Twitter Kit documentation.


I think its a little weird because some tweets from the same person are being displayed but others no, thank you for clarify.