Mention Timeline returning data of last 2 days



Hi Twitter Community,

GET statuses/mentions_timeline is returning tweets of last 2 days only. Earlier it was not the case.
Has something changed with regard to this api?

This is the request:

Account used:

In response, I get 155 tweets of last 2 days only.

Can someone guide me with this?

Twitter MentionTimeline returning 503:The Twitter servers are up, but overloaded with requests error continuously

It looks like there is a very high volume of mentions of that account in that 2 day period, so it is likely that the API is capping the data for performance reasons - and also possible that a lot of them are lower-quality or blocked or muted accounts that are filtered out from the mentions before being presented in the API. I’ve verified that mentions of my own account seem to reflect an accurate / expected number.

For full fidelity results you’d want an enterprise API like PowerTrack (for realtime mentions) or 30-day search. Using the latter I just found over 2 million mentions of that account in the timeframe you’ve referenced.


Thanks @andypiper for the quick response.

I have noticed that accounts with higher volume of mentions than the above mentioned account are fetching the tweets fine.
The problem is currently occurring for and

Is there any reason why these 2 accounts are facing this issue?


We cannot comment on individual user accounts.


Thanks for the help Sir.