@mention limits on automated tweets


I am making an app to automate my tweets and make a tweet on 5 min interval. The tweet involves @mention. I am making this app for the promotions of my products on twitter. But as the application starts sending tweets after 20-25 successful tweets my app got restricted to perform write actions. I couldn’t figure out hat went wrong. My app is making tweets on 5 minutes interval, which makes it just 3 tweets in 15 mins window.
I tried to understand the rules but I couldn’t find clear answers for my questions, which are as follows:

  1. Is there any specific rules on the use of @mentions in tweets, in a day?
  2. Can I make every tweet containing @mentions?
  3. How to find out what made what made my app to get restricted?


Read the automation rules. If you’re thinking this is related to rate limits or account limits, then you should probably instead start to think about it in terms of your app behaving in a suspicious or spammy manner which is against the automation rules.

If you’d like to learn more about our antispam Botmaker technology, you can watch this talk from our developer conference.