Media Views seems to be absent from any analytic entity request



I’m unable to derive or determine which metric contains media views as it appears in the table views available in the user interface on

Am I missing something, or is this metric simply not available via the API?

Kevin Crawley


@KevinC you can find more information about Ads API support for media views in our announcement here:

September 14, 2015

  • Media Views metrics are now available through our analytics endpoints. Media Views encompass all views (autoplay and click) of embedded media, across videos, Vines, GIFs, and images. These include both billed and earned views.
  • Using these metrics, Media Views and Media View Rate can be derived for campaigns with objectives of TWEET_ENGAGEMENT or CUSTOM
  • The added metrics are:
    • promoted_tweet_timeline_media_views
    • promoted_tweet_profile_media_views
    • promoted_tweet_search_media_views
    • promoted_tweet_tpn_media_views

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