Media Viewing Issues



After the launch of Twitter Kit 1.15, media detection in tweets no longer works. Now, when loading a Tweet that contains an animated gif, it behaves as an image. Videos are no longer recognized either. Previously, a tweet with a gif would have a blue play button over the image, and tapping it would call tweetView: didTapVideoWithURL: but now the blue button is not present, and tapping it calls tweetView: didTapImage: withURL: and the video player does not appear. This issue only arose after updating to Twitter Kit 1.15.


That sounds a bit odd @spenceratkin, but I’d love to dig into this more. What version do you see for Fabric.framework?


@bonnell Version 1.6.4




Is there any update on why this could be happening?


Where do you observe the behavior? Rendering a single Tweet? User timeline? Search timeline?


The behavior occurs when loading a single tweet.


Which Tweet ID? I am able to initiate GIF playback with Tweet ID 696536225927172097.


That exact tweet behaves as an image for me.