Media Url is not included in entities in HomeTimeLine



I am trying to show home time line in android using fabric with retrofit. I got all tweets which is showing on my timeline but it do not includes any media attached to it in app.

        TwitterSession session = TwitterCore.getInstance().getSessionManager().getActiveSession();
        TwitterApiClient client = TwitterCore.getInstance().getApiClient(session);
        StatusesService service = client.getStatusesService();

        service.homeTimeline(200, 9999999999999999L, 999999999999999999L, true, false, true, true,
                new Callback<List<Tweet>>() {
                    public void success(Result<List<Tweet>> result) {
                        adapter = new TwHomeAdapter(context,;

                    public void failure(TwitterException e) {
                        Log.e("TwitterException", e.toString());

This is how i have shown hometimeline and when i try to get media url in adapter it gives me null every time.

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