Media/upload (STATUS) returns Invalid mediaId


Since a couple of days we have been receiving the same responses for media upload, including those uploaded from Media Studio.
The response is:

    "request": "/1.1/media/upload.json",
    "error": "Invalid mediaId."

I’m checking the status of the API but it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem.
We get this response regardless of the media type, and we’re using async upload.


Are you able to provide any mediaIds that are returning this issue?

Is this happening for all of your uploads, or just a subset?


Which step of the async upload process is this error being returned from?


Sorry for not following this topic, thanks Andy for the help!
I just wanted to say that we have found our error, and the solution is related to this reply in a different topic: Invalid media Id
We were requesting STATUS for all media Ids, but for some of them is not necessary.