Media upload is returning "over capacity" (for more than a day now)


Yesterday, the photo upload API started returning an HTTP 503 status with an “over capacity” message. This is affecting all users of Tweetium, and I think users of other apps as well (I’ve even heard TweetDeck is hitting this problem).

Will this be fixed soon?


We are having the same issue !! Any clue when is this going to fixed ?


Hi Brandon, I’m currently investigating. The media team is looking at a recent deployment, but I’d also like to rule out a rate limiting issue. To confirm, this appears to affect all users of Tweetium? Is there rate limiting data in the response headers (x-rate-limit-limit, x-rate-limit-remaining, and x-rate-limit-reset) and do they all look ok?

The TweetDeck team is not reporting issues with media upload. Multi-photo is working for me. Who is having an issue with TweetDeck or where did you hear there were issues? That could help track down this as well.

@vic_env, what is the name of your Twitter App? Either that or the app id will be helpful.


@jbulava The name of the app is “Oracle Engage”. It is a approved whitelisted app which we are using in our organization. Let me know if you need any more information about the tweets encountered the “over capacity” error when we try to publish it.


The engineering team has rolled back a deployment from Friday that they believe may have been the cause. Please let me know if you are still experiencing the issue.


@vic_env are you still experiencing any issues? @BrandonLive has confirmed via email that the rollback has solved Tweetium’s issue.


Thanks for taking care of this!


@jbulava it is still happening to us. As per my data it happened to us yesterday also. The error says “Twitter is over capacity.” Let me know what more information do you need to debug this issue.


Would it be possible to provide a couple examples of request/responses that are not working for you?


Interesting. Mine returned a 503 status from all calls to the media/upload endpoint with an error object in the response body, containing a “message” value of “Over capacity”. However it appears to have been fixed by the reverted change they did this morning.


@jbulava and @BrandonLive … thank you guys for all the help. I figured out the issue we were facing for the posts which are failing with error message “(__-){ Twitter is over capacity.” for past three days. It is due to gifs attachment which are bigger than 3 MB.

Sorry it took me sometime to make sure everything in our side was A-OK before I comment here again.

Cheers :+1:


Glad to hear you’ve pinpointed the issue! I’ll send this along to engineering as it sounds like better error messaging is in order.


Hi @vic_env, can you confirm which API endpoint you were using that was returning “Twitter is over capacity”?


@jbulava we are using I know that it is a deprecated and we have a story in our backlog to move to just update as recommended by the docs.


Got it, thanks for letting me know!


Hi all,

This started happening for me yesterday and it’s the first time we’re using the media upload API (the new one) so there’s only one user.

Is it just a matter of waiting until a rollback or a bug fix takes place?


Hi @simonabateman, there is currently no rollback or bug fixes to deploy related to “over capacity” responses. Are you still having this issue? How much video (in MBs) are you trying to upload in what timeframe?


Hi @jbulava, I’m still having this problem when I try to upload a 64 bit encryption of a 20 kb png file.