Media Type Enumeration



I recently had a request from a developer to have an enumeration of Media Types.

As you can see on it is mentioned that :

type Only photo for now

This is not actually true as video media will return the value video for its type.

I wanted to know if there are other types than both of these but also if you are planning to add new ones.




This is an omission in the documentation.

We’ve enumerated the possible media_categories in this post.

I’ve made a note to fix that reference, but at the moment we are working on an update to the dev doc site so I can’t make an immediate change.




Sorry I just realized that this was a link for media_category and not media_type.
I think there is no such thing as gif media_type but could you confirm?

The media_category link is useful, it will help to improve the library :slight_smile:


Up. I know it has been a long time but I do need to know about media_type and not media_category.