Media Temple and Twitter Cards?


Is anyone else still have issues validating a site hosted on Media Temple? I’ve been trying to validate mine for weeks and keep getting pink-floyd errors…

“exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable)”


Hey Josh,

We’ve had some success with people on this message board contacting Media Temple directly. I suggest doing so, either via support or their @mediatemplehelp site.

Also, check this out if it’s helpful:


Unfortunately, they say they can’t help because Twitter is a third-party service. They did confirm they are not blocking any Twitter IP ranges. I also checked the server logs, but I don’t see any entries for the Twitter Bot or anything in the 199.59.149.* range.


I’m having the exact same problem on the domain, I’ve also contacted Media Temple and got the same reply, which was a bit frustrating.

@rchoi: Any chance you could approve that manually? I have an actual working URL in that domain with Twitter Card meta tags but would prefer to not share it publicly as we’re preparing it for launch.

Also, @rchoi, you mentioned in another discussion that some people had success contacting Media Temple. Do you know if they were provided with any solution? Because me and @ifiamblue didn’t have as much luck.


My Twitter Card was working and validated. However now, for no reason and no change on my behalf it is no longer working and I either get:

pink-floyd errors…
internal error.try again.

Can anyone help me as it is driving me mad?!!




I’m also having this issue on pages from The site is also hosted on Mediatemple. What can we do to fix this issue?


TJ from (mt) here. It appears that our network filters dropped a few IP addresses within the Twitter range. I’ve just requested a whitelist of the entire Twitter network be applied which should go into production momentarily.

I apologize for the prolonged issues. Please feel free to reach out to @mediatemplehelp should any issues persist.



Thanks a ton! Really appreciate the help!



@tj_stein and @rchoi,
Thanks for digging into the issue! Everything’s working fine for me now.


I’m still having this issue on and I am hosted on mediatemple as well.