Media/Images no longer displaying for embedded tweets



Hi, today I noticed the images on embedded tweets are no longer displaying. Here is a link to the page: Any ideas for why embedded tweets are displaying this way?


I was unable to reproduce your issue. Images appeared in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Thank you for the response. The images are still not displaying on the page as they were previously. The image link displays, and once clicked on a new page opens to display the image. Please see screenshot attached. Previously the images were showing as being embedded on the page, now they’re showing as links. Any way to get them back to displaying?


Twitter’s JavaScript is not loading on your site. Based on your screenshot it looks like you are using the Disconnect Chrome plugin, which is blocking 19 things on the page. Select the Disconnect plugin and unblock Twitter to see your page as a viewer without blocking plugins would see the page.


Thanks so much!! I didn’t even think about Disconnect. The images pull right up now. Thanks again!