media_ids parameter is invalid


We are receiving a strange 400 error in the logs when trying to post to 1.1/status/update_with_media.json

{“errors”:[{“code”:44,“message”:“media_ids parameter is invalid.”}]}

It doesn’t really make sense as there is no media_ids parameter. Has anyone else seen this?


I’ve also started receiving this error. Very strange because one day it worked, and the next day it didn’t. Did you ever figure out the cause?

EDIT: I figured out where I was having the problem. I was using the Tweepy library and had to update the API.update_status() call from update_status(my_tweet) to update_status(status=my_tweet) due to a change in Twitter’s API


Please note that the update_with_media endpoint is deprecated and the upload endpoint should be used instead to upload media that then can be attached to a Tweet.