Media IDs' expires_after_secs of 1 day is too short -- any way to change?


We’re trying to avoid uploading images every time we respond to someone on twitter with the REST API.
We’d like to upload an image once and reuse it for more than 1 day.

Is there anyway to configure, no matter how odd or “difficult” it might be, to change the expires_after_secs/the expiration time of a media id uploaded through the REST SDK?



No, this is not possible. I’ll pass it along but this would be a significant change to the way the API works around media.


What you can do is take the media URL from the first tweet and include that in the text of followup tweets. E.g. I created one tweet with an uploaded image, I then created a second tweet that included the media URL from the first tweet.

The media URL I used can be found in the first status object similar to this


and the text of the second tweet then looks like this

Kitten two


Being able to configure the TTL would be enough


This is what we’ve been doing, but we wanna it to look like it was a “native” image. And also to reclaim those 23 characters :slight_smile:


On Twitter web, Twitter Mobile web, and Twitter for Android the images are displayed exactly the same.


That’s true but you can’t include more than 1 if you use a link.
Also we want those 23 characters back :smiley: