Media ids and quoted status with attachment_url



From testing if you have the following conditions statuses/update will fail

  1. 140 characters
  2. media_ids
  3. attachment_url

It looks like if you use attachment_url and media_ids in conjunction with each other, the character count needs to include the length of the original status link.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug as the display_range does include the link to the quoted_status, omits the media url but DOES include both the quoted_status object and the media entities in the tweet response


These are mutually exclusive, since by adding media_ids to a Tweet, you are effectively generating a new “attachment” (images, rather than a quoted Tweet), and you cannot have more than one attachment on a Tweet. This is expected behaviour. I’ll see if I can find a way to clarify and improve the documentation on this point.


Sure that’s good to know, although it looks like the API technically supports it from an processing point of view as the return Tweet contains both media entities and quoted_status attributes, just the display range only hides the media link