Media id not found while posting tweet with media



While posting tweet with media first i uploaded image stream to get media id. It successfully returned media {“media_id”:710492134265106432,“media_id_string”:“710492134265106432”,“size”:87223,“expires_after_secs”:86400,“image”:{“image_type”:“image/jpeg”,“w”:900,“h”:681}} .After that at the next api call i tried to make a tweet with this media id , but this returned the error as,
{“errors”:[{“code”:325,“message”:“A media id was not found.”}]}
Can someone help me?

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@RajiitGct We are investigating a potential edge case in sever code that could result in such failure. Are you running into this issue often? It should be rare based on our logs.


ya I’m getting this in rare case. Please update when you resolved this.


@RajiitGct We have identified the root cause in our code. It will be fixed and deployed by end of this week.


The fix is deployed. I am going to close this thread.

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