Media_id NOT FOUND when creating Image App Download Card



I’m running into an issue to where I’m faling to create my image app cards because it’s unable to find the media_id for the media I had just uploaded. Here is my response:

{'errors': [{'code': 'NOT_FOUND', 'message': '968941381958995968 was not found', 'parameter': 'wide_app_image_media_id'}], 'request': {'params': {}}}

I am adding my promotable user when uploading the media using the additional_owners set up and don’t need to check the status for the upload since I’m not returned processing_info. Below is my request, I’m using the standard python request lib.

    payload = {
        'account_id': account_id,
        'name': 'TEST CREATIVE',
        'app_country_code': 'US',
        'iphone_app_id': '904052407',
        'app_cta': 'SHOP',
        'wide_app_image_media_id': media_id

    resp ="{0}/cards/image_app_download".format(account_id), params=payload)


I solved it!

Turns out when I was specifying segments in my APPEND call there was a typo. It returned successfully but broke when trying to find the image to add to the card.