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We are currently trying to calculate the Media Engagement metric that’s available in the UI. Can you please share what combination of engagement fields should match the UI?

The combination of things tried are:
sum( promoted_tweet_timeline_engagements )

  • sum ( promoted_tweet_search_engagements )
  • sum ( promoted_tweet_profile_engagements )
    as Media_engagements,
    sum( billed_engagements )as Media_engagements2,


Have you had a look at our Derived Metrics documentation? It’s our guide on determining how to calculate derived metrics based on the objective.


Hi there,

Yes, I have. I don’t see any reference to how calculate media engagements. There is a section on how to calculate total engagements which does not match the UI. The only media-related metric there is a calculation for is media views.

I am trying to match the Media Engagements metric that is available in the UI. From the definition of this metric, it should include all clicks on GIFs, vines, etc.


Any update here?


Media Engagements in the UI is actually equivalent to Media Views in the API, so you should be able to use Media Views the metrics from the API do do this calculation.

Specifically, looking at our Derived Metrics page, Media Views is defined as such:

{Media Views} = promoted_tweet_timeline_media_views + promoted_tweet_search_media_views + promoted_tweet_profile_media_views

This metric has undergone several naming changes in the UI, for compatibility reasons we have kept the original name through the API.

Note that for VIDEO_VIEWS, we do not currently have the ability to calculate media engagements alone, and our team is working on it.

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