Media engagement metric question



The Twitter Ads UI has both Media views and Media engagement metrics while the Ads API v1 only has Media views. Is there a way to derive the Media engagement metric from metrics available via the Ads API? If so, which ones?




@lindgren: When specifying metric_groups=MEDIA in a request to the GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint, the response includes media_views. This corresponds to the:

Total numbers of views (autoplay and click) of media across Videos, Vines, GIFs, and Images.

See Metrics and Segmentation in Analytics.

There is not currently a way to retrieve just the clicks on media.


@juanshishido thanks for the update.

So in other words, media engagements is a Twitter Ads UI exclusive metric. Are you planning on exposing media engagements via the Ads API at some point? The reason I’m asking is because we have clients who are requesting we include it in our reports.


@lindgren: Thanks for the feedback. If we expose the media engagements metric, we’ll announce on the forum.


@lindgren: The media_engagements metric is now available. Details here: Additional stats metrics.


Great news! Thanks @juanshishido