Media_category values



media_category seems to be mentioned all over the new chunked upload docs, but I don’t see any enumeration of the possible values. The only one mentioned is tweet_gif.

Would be nice to have them listed out, along with any non-obvious side effects of using specific categories.


Good feedback, thank you. I’ll see what we can do about documenting that.


Thanks Andy.

While you are in there. has a broken link in “See the uploading media guide for additional constraints for animated GIF files.”. The “Parameters” table looks a bit screwed up. same as above.

Also can I suggest you explicitly state that APPENDs should happen sequentially and not concurrently.


Did you find this anywhere? Would be awesome if you could list them here whilst Andy looks to update the docs.


@andypiper Any update on adding this to the documentation. If not, is there a way you can at least provide us with the full list in the meantime :slight_smile:

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The docs are frozen for a short while because we’re making a few backend improvements, but this is still on my todo list. I do need to circle around with the Media team to get the list though, thanks for the prod. Let me see if I can expedite things.


Three possible values for media_category on the upload path at present:

  • tweet_image
  • tweet_gif (animated GIF only, static not supported)
  • tweet_video

These correspond to the three types of media described in the rest of the documentation. In due course I’ll make sure to have this list added to the docs proper, but as I mentioned there may be a delay due to some ongoing additional work there.

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@andypiper Thanks so much!

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amplify_video is another possible media category as per the changes of 22/10/2015 (