May we use cdn.api.twitter for follower counts?


I’d like to allow users to enter a Twitter handle and get back some very basic public data about that person – mainly # of followers and date joined, both accessible publicly on Twitter’s website.

By dynamically adding a “follow this person” button to the page, Twitter makes a call to to get this information.

Is it okay to piggyback on that call and get a few other datapoints from the response? This would not alter the communication in any way. The “follow me” button retrieves the full user information automatically.


The APIs on are meant to be used by the official Twitter widgets only.
If you want to get the number of followers or creation date for a user, you have to use the REST API. (to get the data for 1 user) (to get the data for multiple users at once)
However, you can’t call the REST API directly from client-side Javascript, you have to call it from your server-side.