May I store in a database and include on a web page tweets related to the page?


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I have a question about Twitter contents licensing, and storing tweets or tweet IDs.

Background: I’m attempting to build a better commenting/discussion system for blogs and forums. I’m thinking about having the software I’m developing search for Twitter tweets, and include popular tweets in the discussion section of a blog post, or among the replies in a forum thread.

The Twitter tweet aspect of the page would be somewhat reminiscent of a “tweet timeline”, for tweets related to a certain blog article or forum thread, rather than a certain user. And it’d remember which tweets it’d shown in the past, so if you visited the website after 1 year, the same tweets (and some new tweets) would still be there. And you’d be able to leave comments to the tweets via the web pages standard commenting system (and reply via tweets to “normal” comments).

I wonder which one of 1, 2, 3 below is correct:

  1. I’m allowed to store tweets related to a blog/forum-page-discussion in the database, and serve them directly to the end user. That is, fetch them from Twitter only once, and then serve them from my servers. (I don’t think this is allowed though.)
  2. I may only store IDs of tweets, not the actual contents. My server would include tweet IDs on the HTML page, and the end user’s browser would have to fetch any tweets itself, from Twitter’s servers (via Javascript/Ajax).
  3. I may store and server neither tweets nor tweet IDs. (If this is not allowed, then completely different tweets would/could appear whenever someone reloaded the browser page / forum post.)

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(I’ve found this relevant section in the Twitter api-terms:
Section I. Twitter Content
Bullet point 4 A
(But I’m asking anyway because I don’t completely understand how it affects my use case.)

Here is a related discussion: )


If you adhere to the display requirements, respect user’s wishes with their content (protected status, deleted status, and so on), and don’t resyndicate the content with third parties and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with building such a service according to policies. If you store tweets for future display though, you’ll want to occasionally re-fetch them from the API to ensure you have the freshest version of content (and to also know whether a tweet has been deleted).

Your 2nd option isn’t really possible, as with API v1.1 you can’t use simple Javascript or AJAX calls to fetch additional content. You’d have to implement that model still server-side.


Hi Taylor

Thanks for your reply. I have a follow up question related to:
"[…] don’t resyndicate the content with third parties […]".
If people export their own blogs from my blog hosting service (perhaps they want to switch to WordPress instead), and I include tweets in the generated export files, would that be considered a resyndication of the Twitter content?


To be on the safe side, in that context I would include only a tweet ID and the author’s screen name or user ID when exporting that way. It would then be that end-user’s responsibility to re-obtain the Tweet data when moving on.


Thank you Taylor


To whom it may concern;

I had an idea and used Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook as my Journal Entries. This way all associated would be considered Original for the purpose of what I was doing. What I would to do now is to Export all to my computer so I can re-organize and present what I did so it makes sense to the reader. Also, would like to store on Flash drive. How can I do this and still keep orginal on my timeline and not effect what has already been mentioned thru Tweets, Facebook posting, and Linkedin Messages??? Please let me know how to do this please. Also, I am trying to combine all wih a Word Press Blog so it is simple for me to use.

Thank you,

John L. Couch


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