Max Photo Size


Hi All,
The API configuration ( is currently returning a max photo size of 3MiB. We check this endpoint daily to ensure we are up to date with Twitter’s current limits.

However, it looks like larger image files can be used, with the documentation ( currently stating 5MiB as the limit.

Can the API configuration endpoint be updated to return the correct max size?
I don’t want to have to remove this check from our app, but we’re currently blocking users from being able to upload files that they can do natively on Twitter.


Great catch!


It’d be good to get clarification from someone at Twitter around this.

I’ve found more information from @andypiper at 4MB Static GIF Failing using twurl but the links to the documentation are outdated and it still refers to a 3MiB limit for an image on a Tweet.

So I’m still not sure what the correct limits are that we should be enforcing on our users. Unless someone from Twitter can clarify this, I’m going to need to just remove any client side checks and let users upload anything and wait and see if it errors.