Matching impression data to new Tweets



Using the Twitter impression data that’s available in the Twitter analytics dashboard, is it possible to correlate this impression to a post?

For example can I analyse how many of my users who saw a particular Tweet, then posted a Tweet of their own and pull in the content of this Tweet?

I’m looking to create a way to analyse how different topics spread through Twitter and I’m thinking by loosely correlating impressions and new posts and cross referencing the Tweet topic, could be a good way to achieve this.

Please can someone confirm if this is possible with the data Twitter has?

Many thanks,



There’s no public API available around this at the present time.

Is there a way to find the impressions and post engagement for a tweet created by a user who has passed OAuth

Cheers Andy. Will this be available any time soon?

And what technique would you advise me using for now to get the results I’m after?



I’m afraid I don’t have anything to share related to analytics data being available via an API, but if that changes it would be announced here on the forums and via the @twitterapi Twitter handle. I’m not sure how you’d achieve what you are trying to do here - impression info wouldn’t be available to you, and the only other information would be which Tweets were in_reply_to others (recorded in the Tweet object).