Masters student: Academic access for few thousand tweets from winter 2015/6?



Hi, for my MSc project this summer, I am looking at UK community emergencies (floods especially) and social media (Twitter, possibly Instagram). The hope is to be able to better inform the emergency responders in these kinds of community crises.

I really just want to run a set of historical queries covering a few time periods of ~1 month over winter 2015/6 with some search terms and restrict by location also. (Such as e.g. near:Glasgow, Scotland within:50mi #stormjonas ). I would just get these tweets once and then use as my dataset in combination with other environmental data. So in total I do not expect to yield more than 50000 tweets, and most likely much less (I would be looking at Scottish tweets only). I have tested my queries using web browser advanced search and compiled a matrix of what I would query, I obviously hoped to do this programmatically, using Python.

The Twitter API seems to proscribe access of archived tweets, and I got in touch with GNIP therefore, but they have quoted me over $1000, but I am unable to have a budget for accessing twitter archive as it is for a university project only. I had originally hoped to use a service such as Topsy but I can find no current equivalent.

If you know of any academic usage possibilities I would be very grateful if you could get in touch? I am not sure if there are any Twitter staff who handle this type of question that I can contact perhaps?

I can provide further information, of course.

many thanks,

John Barker


Perhaps try Sifter at:

Many academics use the site to generate small budget $50-200 jobs.


Hi Stuart thank you will check that out. Sorry I didnt get an email notification so only just saw this! John.