Massive usage of Search API by different Twitter Applications but from the same IP address



Hi guys.

My team is currently developing an online web service which allow users to query Tweeter via API for different tweets and then analyze them under specified conditions.
During registration user input his own Twetter API Keys from one of his Tweeter Apps. Keys are saved and later used for quering, thanks to that each user has it’s own limit of queries per 15 minutes.

But here is my question:
All quering is done by our server with usage of user’s own API Keys but is it prohibited in any way to send a a lot of Twitter API Calls from the same physical IP Address but with the usage of different Keys? We are only using calls to Search methods.


The way i’d interpret the developer policy - and if i’m understanding it right - it goes against points about sharing tokens and using different tokens for the same purpose (1.a and 6.e.i).

BUT: if you implement the registration part a little bit differently, it shouldn’t be a problem:

During registration user input his own Twetter API Keys from one of his Tweeter Apps

You shouldn’t do this - instead, you should create an app for your web service, and then make users sign in with twitter, collect the access token & secret from each user that registers - and store that for later.

This still means that each user has their own rate limits, because rate limits are per user. So your server will still be doing all the querying - but signing requests with Your Consumer Key (API Key) & a User’s Token - this way won’t be against any rules (as far as i know)


Thank You very much, I did not know about that feature.That makes a lot of things easier and more user friendly.