Mass suspension of applications - is something up at Twitter's end?


We just had all 6 of our applications (various development, testing, and PRODUCTION) applications suspended - seemingly all at the same time.

I can’t find out any info as to why this has happened (I’ve already submitted the form to have them reactivated).

Please does anyone know what’s up at Twitter’s end? Is there any particular reason that all of our apps would be suspended at the same time?

Any info is super appreciated; we’re dead in the water at the moment.


Hi @episod - any ideas why an entire set of applications would be suspended? We’re hurting over here, but I can’t seem to find any info from Twitter. (I filled out the form for suspended applications last night.)

Thanks for any info,

Jason Collins
Vendasta Technologies


Hi @jsquee,

Unfortunately we can’t discuss specifics on suspensions here. Your best bet is to use the ticketing system you’ve already begun engaging with and wait for a response from our platform operations team – they answer tickets in the order received and it can take awhile sometimes to work through the queue.