Mass Status import from single public user



I am a emergency responder developing an open source project that consumes my counties 911 dispatch information.

Currently I am using data from a different source, but It turns out my counties dispatch center has a twitter account, with over 40,000 dispatch incidents in which each status is a JSON dictionary as a text string. I am in the process of receiving XML data directly from the dispatch center as well, but it will certainly take some time.

For future incidents, the streaming API is perfect, but the historical user status data seems inaccessible beyond 3,200 results with the Public Twitter REST API.

Gnip would solve this problem but it’s overkill. For at least the development stage is there any good way to work within the API limits to gather all of the user statues?

Here’s a link to the users page:

Here’s a link to the project (working title :

Thanks everyone.


Do you have contact with the managers of the account? Maybe they can dump an archive for you.