Marketplace MoPub account approval issue



I don’t fetch live marketplace ad in my application because my account not approved by policy team. I have 4-5 times send email to for approve my mopub account but still not approved by policy team. I already submit up to date require information like payment information and iTunes app store url and Android package name.Currently my application already live in iTunes app store and Google play store.

I have not added any third party ad network. Is it necessary to add third party ad network to fetch live ad?

This issue occur from last 3 months. I don’t know why happen this issue.

When I open my account, below screenshot message is came from last 3 month.

Please help me as soon as possible…

Thanks in advance


Hi @Felixmusicartis,

Thanks for reaching out! Our Policy Team confirmed they sent you an email detailing the reason why your app was rejected and what information needs to be updated for approval. Can you search your inbox for an email from



We are seeing the same issue. It has been over a week and we are still seeing the following,

" Thank you for updating your payment information. Your account is in review. You will be able to receive ads from MoPub Marketplace once your account has been approved. For questions, please visit our help page or contact Tip: Monetize your inventory through network mediation or with direct sales while we process your request."

Please help. Our Username is: