Marketing companies that propose to boost number of followers


Hi there, not sure I’m in the right place to ask this but here goes : I just launched a Twitter account @AllClassical looking to make it the main source of classical music-related trivia on twitter. I looked for a decent account on classical music but all of those taking the names of @ClassicalMusic, @Classical_ etc have not been updated in ages. Basically I am trying to get the maximum exposure, and just heard there are marketing companies that say they can get you 1000+ followers within a few days, for 20 dollars. Just wondering what Twitter’s official stance is on this, whether these companies are actually lying, whether any company is backed by Twitter for this sort of thing, etc.

Thanks a lot for your consideration


These companies likely provide tools that are against the site and developer terms of service and can get your application and account suspended. Be very skeptical of any business that claims it can get you followers fast.