Managing multiple Twitter handles


Hi there,

I have a question regarding managing tailored audiences with multiple twitter accounts.

My company currently uses a few Twitter handles to engage the users on Twitter. I need to create tailored audiences for each one of these accounts, however, the setup is always the same (in other words, whatever I will have to set up for one of our twitter handles can be easily copied over to the others). Do I have to do this for each one of the Twitter handles that we use or is there a way to group all of our handles into one API account and then operate these changes once only?




Hi Liv,

Yes, you will need to create the audience in every ads account separately. The good news is that you only need to upload the audience segment file (the file with your SHA256 hashed IDs, email addresses etc) once via the TON API.

Here are the complete instructions for this use case (modified from this article):

  • Generate an audience list file, using the data hashing and normalization outlined in Tailored Audience File Data.
  • Upload the audience list using the TON API. Please use the bucket name ta_partner. This will yield a relative URL with the location of the uploaded file.

Repeat for (each handle and) each ads account:

Even if all of your ads accounts are available under a single handle you will still need to perform these steps separately for each ads account.