Managing a list widget to exclude a user



Hello - we have a list widget running on our site and members’ tweets are visible there. Unfortunately, someone we don’t want to be included is interacting with a person in our list, and his tweets are appearing in the widget.

Can we block an individual account from appearing in the widget even though he is simply interacting with one of our list members?

Here’s the site:

Thanks in advance



Unless I’m misunderstanding I think the only case where Tweets from non-list members will appear in a list widget is when a member of the list explicitly retweets them.

One solution would be to ask your members not to do so. Another option might be to construct a search query including your list members, but also adding either NOT @blockeduser in the query to blacklist mentions from your unwanted users, or excluding retweets from the search altogether.

Finally, you could also use our newly launched Curator tool (, which can ingest all Tweets from members of a list and generate a collection. In this case you’d effectively be moderating every Tweet that came through the main stream and only adding the Tweets you want to see to the output, which can then be embedded using the same widget you use today.

Each of these options has a downside, but hopefully one might work for your case. Let us know how you get on.