Management of client twitter accounts - API rules and limits



Hello guys.
We have developed scheduler app which allows us to schedule tweets of our clients including medias and post them in certain time via API. Unfortunately, our app has been “restricted to write actions” in 2 days and we still don’t know why (no email, no replies from support to our emails).

I would like to make sure we do it right, fully with rules and policies, I am simply unable to find out where can be a problem from our side.

We are using app of our twitter account @digitalsocials, we generated API key and all tweets are using this key. Then oAuth each of clients twitter accounts and generated their tokens. Each tweet is posted with user token and our API key.

We are not spamming, not using automations like auto-rt, auto-follow, etc… About limits - sending 30-35 tweets a day per one twitter profile, marking medias as “potentionaly explicit” because of adult photos, now having 5 twitter accounts, but going to increase it to 100+.

Is this the correct way? Where can be a problem? Thank you very much! Lukas


You’ll have to use the platform support forms to request assistance as we can’t help with specific apps here for privacy reasons. However, if your app is Tweeting a lot and using @handle mentions in an automated or unsolicited way then there’s a chance it would have been muzzled for that reason.


Hello, Andy. Thank you very much for your answer. I just replied to the email explaining the situation and asking for help in potential future behavior of our clients. Hope we found the solution of being restricted. We use @mentions but they are on demand of owners of that accounts. If my app is managing many clients twitter accounts (they can schedule their tweets like Hootsuite does), how to solve the problem if one account is doing something which can have impact to our APP? Then all other users will be unable to use our service. Should each user have one app? Or what is the solution for Hootsuite? Thank you very much, Andy!


We cannot comment on individual apps I’m afraid, but I can tell you that the systems that suspend apps in this manner are automated and adaptive so they try to spot patterns of behaviour. Unfortunately it is important to manage multiple accounts and they way they behave, as an app owner. I can’t help further than that.