Making custom twitter share button with custom parameters


If this has been posted before, please direct me to the relevant thread/topic.
I want to share with twitter, particular content within a website our team has built.

Now I can see that any “data-” behaviours are not passed on when using our custom tweet button
"When using this method you have to use query string parameters to customize the Tweet Button’s behavior as well as handle the popup of the Share Box."

So I used this method <a href="">Tweet</a>

I was wondering, how do I pass particular information to the twitter popup window I create? Right now it just passes through the URL of the page. On IE11 - it passes nothing, just a blank tweet menu, which is quite concerning.


A custom Twitter share button would use the Tweet Web Intent with query parameters. The data-* attributes are meant for interpretation by Twitter’s widgets-js, which builds a link on your behalf.