Making a network graph of 500+ Twitter users who are using the common hashtags



Hi all,

For my research paper, I am looking into specific hashtags. In those hashtags I collected 500+ users. Now I want to look at if those users are connected to each other on any degree at all or they just happen to share the same hashtag. ( I am not interested in who they are connected in general. I only want to see the graph in this 500 people, they may very well not be connected at all so it would mean 500+ circles which is perfectly fine)

For this I was using “lookup_friendships”. However two problems I am facing, It only lets me to see the relationship between my account and others. Even though I solve this problem, I still do not know how to create edges with this data. I have seen few people wanted to do something similar and they asked similar questions but it seems like they could not get help.

Note: I am a social scientist so Python knowledge is limited.

Thank you so much!


For two arbitrary users, you should use GET users/show.

Check out twurl for a simple test tool, or the twitter gem or tweepy.


Thank you!

relationships = api.show_friendship(source_screen_name= a, target_screen_name= b) did it for me.


@happycamper as a follow up question,

I keep getting the “TweepError: Failed to send request: (‘Connection aborted.’, OSError(”(60, ‘ETIMEDOUT’)",)) "

I tired to create exception but did not work. If you have any suggestions, it would be awesome! Thank you!


Do you have more detailed logs related to this error?


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