Make Chatting server interactiong with Direct Message


We want to develop chatting server interacting with Twitter’s Direct Message.
Let me know your price policy about Direct Message, including Rate Limit.

I want to make chatting server interacting with Twitter Direct Message. My Chatting server sned a Direct Message to Twitter’s users, and receive a Direct Message from Twitter’s users. We are in development our chatting server(java daemon or web application). So, I wonder that Can I integrate My chatting server with Twitter DM Api(or DM server). and , I wonder that Is there a rate limit of DM - 100 DM per Day - ?, even if when I use enterprise account. How much Direct Message is able to send in a Day/a Hour. Let me know Twitter’s price police about DM.


Where have you looked for information so far?

All that you need is available via our developer site.

Here’s the guide to the Direct Message API. You should ensure that you are using the most recent version of the API and not the endpoints that are being removed soon.

If you want to consume the incoming messages in real-time you’ll need to apply for access to the new Account Activity API here. Pricing for the premium offering with more subscriptions has not yet been announced. You can still develop against the Direct Message API without using the Account Activity API, but will need to poll for incoming messages rather than receiving them via webhooks.


There’s more information on rate limiting for Direct Messages in the documentation, and clarification in this thread.