Lowered Impressions


For the past two weeks impressions have nearly halved. Was there an update to how impressions were handled? Is there any way I can get a definitive answer on this? Customers have been clueless and company income has been lowered a bunch.

Help! My Twitter impressions are all wrong/changed overnight?!

Any word? Or is there anyone I can reach out to directly? An example is like an image below-- how can one have more media views than total impressions? Something is clearly messed up here (could be that only the media is embedded directly but I doubt it could count for that many media impressions).


@trace: Is this something you’re seeing through the Ads API? If so, please provide an example request and response using twurl. If it’s an issue on ads.twitter.com, please click the “Help?” button on the top right part of the screen to report the issue.


@juanshishido no this isn’t todo with the Ads API but I don’t see any other way to contact Twitter about this analytic bug. Can you please forward this to the correct people?


Still having issues:


Hi @trace,

Please submit a support ticket by going to Contact Twitter Ads Support. You can find this by going to ads.twitter.com and clicking on the “Help?” button on the top right. This should point you to https://ads.twitter.com/accounts/[account_id]/help