Low Fill Rate Issue (%20-30)




We are using Mopub mediation for our Puzzle Game for 2 months. Currently we have a low fill-rate issue (%20-30) on Interstitial and Rewarded videos even though we use 5 different type of well-known platforms in mediation.

What we observe is that after an video completed or closed by user, Mopub SDK give us a call back which says;

“MOPUB: Attempting to initialize MPRewardedVideo when it has already been initialized.

We are wondering is that;

1-Does it means SDK trying to load ads twice for one attempt which cause to low fill rate issue? If it so how can prevent it to be happen so we can really see our real fill rates.

2-Does it a SDK related issue or is there something wrong with our code integration? Because we are requesting new ad after the one closed or completed maybe SDK is also doing it automatically so it cause double requests?

Since we could not find any information on Mopub documentation, your help will be highly appreciated.



Hi @onurkoyuncu

Thanks for letting us know. Are you still seeing this callback when the video has completed or been closed? If so, it would be great if you could email support@mopub.com so that we can help dig deeper into this. Please include the following:

  • The summary you’ve provided above describing the problem you’re experiencing
  • The SDK version you are using
  • A snippet of your MoPub Rewarded Video code integration

We can also take a deeper look into the 20%-30% fill rate you mentioned. We’re looking forward to assisting you further with this! Thank you.