Lot of 503 error code on apps.twitter.com




Since yesterday I am having difficulties to create an app or just navigating the subdomain apps.twitter.com.

I will often get a 503 “something is technically wrong” page. I know it means that the server is overloaded but is that possible for more than 24h? Is there another issue and we are getting this?

I didn’t see a status update or anything related to that from twitter officially.



I was able to trigger this once today when attempting to delete an app, but retrying afterwards seemed to clear it up. Are there specific actions you’re trying to take that trigger this behaviour?


Hi Andi,

I am glad you were able to reproduce because it is really random. It happened to me when:
-accessing the page https://apps.twitter.com/
-confirming the creation of a new app
-changing the permission https://apps.twitter.com/app/********/permissions
-accessing the settings at https://apps.twitter.com/app/*******/settings

So I am thinking it is the whole subdomain apps.twitter.com.



It does sound slightly random. I’m not hearing widespread reports of issues at the moment but I’ll keep an eye on this in case it recurs.


Is it possible to notify the team responsible for this module/domain? Maybe someone is already working on it.
True that it is random but I don’t think it will get resolves without any action.
It is happening for 2 days now


Yes, I am part of the team responsible and we will be monitoring this. If there is a specific thing that is not working today, then feel free to let us know.


Thanks Andy. It is still random as you saw so I cannot give any specific scenario that is failing yet.