Lost credentials, how can I contact Twitter staff?


"We have lost our developer credentials, so only have the API key. Can someone at Twitter help us get back into the account? Is there a way to contact you directly?

We’re trying to troubleshoot error code 415 , and it seems like the only way to fix this is log in to the dev portal and whitelist the callback_url."

We have the same problem with this case: Lost credentials: How can we get access to Twitter dev portal?.

I tried the suggestion on the answers, created support cases, send a direct message to @TwitterSupport but no help. Seems like I just got automatically reply from Twitter :frowning: so I came here and hope that some Twitter staff might help me.



The only way to get help with this would be to open a ticket via https://help.twitter.com/forms/platform - we cannot assist with account issues on these forums.