Lost access to Twitter Premium account



Twitter support sent me back to the forum for support so please do not send me back there. My backup code for two factor authentication does not work. I have moved to Tunisia so am not able to receive SMS codes to my Malaysia cell phone. So I am locked out of my Twitter account @werowe. So I created a new Twitter account @walkerrowe3 and applied for Developers Premium Account Activity API beta access. If you look below I already have premium access and access to the account activity AP with account @werowe. So please help me get back into my Twitter account or give me access to the new account. I don’t care which Twitter account I use.

new application (please ignore) Twitter developer account application [ ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1NU400:ref ]

old application (please fix)

We have provisioned access to the Account Activity API beta for the single client application you noted in your application for access - app ID 13087009.

Your account has also been approved for access to our Premium search APIs. You can access those by signing in to your developer account.