Loop type error. Getting multiple Tweets instead of just the one requested



I am calling (including) a routine that generates and posts a Tweet via the OAuth PHP class. When I tried it, it bombars my Twitter account with many Tweets. Then I guess Twitter invokes something to stop the flow and diables my account for a few hours.

The way I want the script to work is to call the routine when someone is reading one of my articles, rather than using CRON. What I think is happening is that, because the routine script is ‘included’ on the article’s PHP scripted page, any handshaking that is returned from Twitter to my page then acts as though another person is reading the same page, and so another Tweet is sent. And so on

I’m wondering if the ‘include_once’ function would work better, or perhaps using cURL. I’m a little put off though because I am basically testing on my LIVE Twitter account.

Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome



include_once doesn’t work either - another 20 tweets posted :frowning: