LookupUsers() - Twitter4j Returns Internal error: 500:Something is broken. Please post to the group(https://dev.twitter.com/docs/support) so the Twitter team can investigate.message- Internal error code- 131.How to fix it?



I am using twitter4j library and using LookupUsers() method to lookup 2 Lakh users. I have taken in to account the rate limiting constraint and have given appropriate sleeps of 15 minutes after every 180 lookupuser requests. However, it throws this error randomly

500:Something is broken. Please post to the group (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/support) so the Twitter team can investigate.
message - Internal error
code - 131
Relevant discussions can be found on the Internet at:
http://www.google.co.jp/search?q=e39d013b or
TwitterException{exceptionCode=[e39d013b-2fc011ee], statusCode=500, message=Internal error, code=131, retryAfter=-1, rateLimitStatus=null, version=3.0.3}
at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientImpl.request(HttpClientImpl.java:177)
at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientWrapper.request(HttpClientWrapper.java:61)
at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientWrapper.post(HttpClientWrapper.java:98)
at twitter4j.TwitterImpl.post(TwitterImpl.java:1871)
at twitter4j.TwitterImpl.lookupUsers(TwitterImpl.java:807)
at eBayFollowersNew.getFollowing(eBayFollowersNew.java:142)
at eBayFollowersNew.main(eBayFollowersNew.java:49)
Can somebody help me fix this?


When this occurs, are you always looking up the same user(s)? If so, can you share their user IDs?


user gooogenot - same problem.
worked a week ago


user gooogenot - same problem.
worked a week ago



=> 500 / 131

worked a week ago