Long URL not shortened by t.co



I have a ridiculously long product catalogue URL in the following format;


We have the tweet button code on this product detail page and hoped that it would also shorten this URL to a more manageable t.co URL for us on submission for sharing on twitter, however it does not.

I also tried to submit a tweet on the http://twitter.com/ site itself to see if this is any different to the https://twitter.com/intent/tweet api, but http://twitter.com/ also cannot shorten the above example URL.

Why is this?
Have I discovered some strange edge case?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Graney


I think I have it.

Although the above test URL is valid, as the www.test.server exists on our local DNS, it does not exist on the global DNS and so you are probably validating the URL gTLD when you are shortening.

I played around with various long URLs and it looks like this is the case.

When I am in the office tomorrow morning I will prepend the production server hostname and see it t.co shortens it OK.

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