Long code not working, short code not available!


I have to create two apps for a client, but no mobile number was provided on their two accounts.
For the first account, I try using my German phone number: no provider listed in Germany, right.
I followed the steps with the “long code”, and it worked.

Then I tried exactly the same procedure with the other account: I’m still receiving a message telling me no number has been provided when I try to create the app!

I did it twice, same result!

I asked my client to provide their phone number. Guess what?
Not only no provider listed in France, BUT NO LONG CODE EITHER!

What do I do? Ask my client to move to the US? Or to one of the 80 other counties listed?

Come on! Uzbekistan is on the list! Republic of Congo is on the list! But not France, not Germany?


i’m having the same problem too