logInWithCompletion crash on iOS 7



Using TwitterKit 1.8.1.

When calling logInWithCompletion on a device with multiple accounts, a UIActionSheet is being displayed.
if a user taps cancel, sometimes the UIActionSheet is dismissed as expected, but most of the time (or if calling
logInWithCompletion for a 2nd time and then canceling) it causes a crash on:

[UIActionSheet _slideSheetOut:]_block_invoke

with zombies enabled:

-[TWTRAppleSocialAuthenticaticationProvider retain]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x7df1cc30

Please advise.


@bwhipclip. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have implemented a fix which will go out in our next release.


@chaselatta Thanks for the reply and for implementing a fix. Any ETA on when the next release is?


@nlamaina We will be putting out a release this week that contains the fix.


@chaselatta Great, thanks for the update!

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