Login with Twitter on iOS and securely login user on my own server



With a Twitter OAuth web flow, it prompts the user to ok your twitter app, then redirects them back to your callback url. Since this is a secure way to authenticate the user, you can look them up by their twitter ID in your DB and either register them or log them in.

I can’t figure out how this works with an iOS app because “logging in with Twitter” never hits your server. I have to make a separate request, but there’s no way to verify that request is coming from that user.

How can I have the user login with Twitter on iOS and securely log them in on my own server?


Hey @inorganik,

I believe this is [what you’re looking for][1], but let me know if I misunderstood.

[1]: https://docs.fabric.io/ios/twitter/oauth-echo.html#use-oauth-echo


Thanks! I was just coming to the same conclusion.


Awesome and happy coding :slight_smile: