Login with twitter inside twitter official iOS app browser not getting login credentials


Hey :slight_smile:

I have developed a web app that uses “Sign in With Twitter”. When clicking a link to the login page of the app from inside a tweet in the official twitter app on iOS, the expected behaviour is that the user just have to click “Authorize App” to accept the app. However, I found that the user has to actually login to twitter although he/she actually clicked from inside the Twitter app where they are actually logged in!

The facebook iOS app on the other way for example will not ask the user to login again if a link that uses login with facebook is clicked. Doesn’t Twitter official app have a built-in browser that stores the login info or it just opens a Safari session?

This drives most of the users away from logging in as they are too lazy to type their credentials :frowning: Is this a bug or is it the expected behavior?

Thanks in advance


I also am currently finding this very inconvenient for Twitter IOS users. Unlike Facebook, the Twitter browser prompts the user who is currently signed in on twitter to input his login credentials.

I do hope there will be a fix on this, knowing that Facebook has it up and running. I don’t see why Twitter can’t do this as well.

Any updates on this issue would very much be appreciated.


Over 90% of the users are drivven away because of this behavior :frowning: